Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just a few details away

Cornell OLPC has been either writing our proposal or working out the details of our upcoming deployment to Tidjikdja, Mauritania for the better part of four months. We have received great advice and help from a bunch of different people and are now ready to go ahead and carry out our project. As we do some basic language practice and decided which routers to purchase we begin to realize the reality of the coming summer. Thinking about logistical issues has a funny way making a project much more real.

While we go over these last few details we learn more and more about a part of the world that we had never heard of except possibly at a glance towards the back of the international section of the newspaper. We realize that our deployment is counting on the approval of our visas and the Mauritanian governemnent's continual approval of our work. We now understand a small bit of the problems of this part of the world. And we hope that our project is a part of the solution.

We will continue to update as new information on our trip comes out and will try to update with photos and commentary of the deployment as it happens.

More information on our project is available at the following links:

Ithaca Times

Cornell Chronicle

The Alernative Press

Also a special thanks to the Mario Einaudi Center for their pledge and to Jennifer Wofford for her continual support.

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  1. Those of us at OLPC News would love to know more about your adventures - might you write a Guest Post telling us what you're up to?